Decrypting Encrypted Data

When a technical mis-statement starts to float around, it's hard to rebut it, but here goes.

With regard to encryption on many devices (including new iOS devices), the frequently-repeated statement that it would take 5-1/2 years to break the encryption is very simple and understandable and wrong.

The 5-1/2 year number comes from the amount of time it would take to try every combination of 6 alphanumeric characters including upper- and lower-case characters as well as numbers.

So far so good.


Roundtable - Bluetooth Smart, Beacons, and iBeacon on 9/16/2013

We'll be talking about Bluetooth Low Energy/Bluetooth Smart on the Roundtable at 11:35. It's been described as GPS for inside buildings. It poses lots of opportunities. The retail community is excited about new point-of-sale possibilities, and everyone from trail designers to museum curators is looking at how they can use the new tools. And there are the privacy issues -- we'll also talk about them.


WAMC Roundtable June 18, 11:35: Using the Back End of Social Media for Nonprofit Fundraising

Facebook, Twitter, and even mobile apps aren't just communication tools. They're highly automated systems that provide a vast storehouse of data you can use to measure your organization's reach and influence -- and to help with grant-writing and fundraising.

Joe and Jesse will talk about these topics on The Roundtable June 18 at 11:35.


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