News on Mobile Devices: The Pew Report

We'll be talking about news on mobile devices on The Roundtable, October 16, 2012 at 11:30 on WAMC. We'll start off with some of the highlights from the just-released report from the Pew Research Center Project for Excellence in Journalism: The Future of Mobile News -- The Explosion of Mobile Devices and a Close Look at What it Means for News (download here).

The numbers are, not surprisingly, larger than last year. 22% of the population owns tablets, and 64% of them get news on them. For smartphones, the numbers are 44% and 62%. For both products combined, 50% of the population owns either of them, and 66% of them get news on them -- that's a third of the population.

There are some points that go beyond news. 73% of tablet owners read longer news stories on their devices at least sometimes -- with 61% for smartphone owners. Combine this with the fact that it appears that ads on these devices may be noticed and acted on more than other ads, maybe the smaller form factor actually makes reading and looking at ads easier. (Perhaps it's the folded-up newspaper propped against the milk bottle where the ad is on the wrong side of the fold?)

These mobile devices (at least for news) are often used at home and often once a day. But there's now word yet on the use of mobile devices on mobile platforms themselves (that is, on subways and buses rather than at home or at work or driving a car which is -- we hope -- a concentrated activity rather than being a passenger).

Join us at 11:30.