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Quip is a new product that can best be described as a collaborative word processor on steroids. Free for iPhone and iPad (with a paid version for $12), it also runs in a browser on the desktop. It really needs to be experienced to appreciate it, but the next best thing is this article by Quentin Hardy of The New York Times. Find out more about Quip here.

Emmy nominations to Netflix for House of Cards

This is the first time a show distributed only over the Internet has joined broadcast and cable shows in competition for Emmy awards. NY Times article here.

WAMC Roundtable June 18, 11:35: Using the Back End of Social Media for Nonprofit Fundraising

Facebook, Twitter, and even mobile apps aren't just communication tools. They're highly automated systems that provide a vast storehouse of data you can use to measure your organization's reach and influence -- and to help with grant-writing and fundraising.

Joe and Jesse will talk about these topics on The Roundtable June 18 at 11:35.


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