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Circle another date and write down a number (100 million)

A Juniper report estimates 100 million smart watches in use by 2019.

Let's see... more eBooks than printed books by 2018, 100 million smart watches by 2019... I guess the five-year prediction business is in high gear.

Please let me know if you find any news about that leak under my sink. I suspect it'll still be drip-dripping in five years.


Circle the Date for eBooks - 2018

Interesting article and interactive chart from The Economist (clear year numbers to move the chart along). By their projection, eBook sales will exceed printed book sales in the US in 2018. Comments to the article point out that the data may underrepresent eBook sales by relying on ISBNs.

Whether or not that's true, and given other data that suggests the penetration of eBooks varies by category and country, the trend is clear -- as it has been for several years. 

Amazon is the leader in eBook sales in the US, and, apparently, Barnes & Noble and Apple switch back and forth from month to month as to who is second and third.

Decrypting Encrypted Data

When a technical mis-statement starts to float around, it's hard to rebut it, but here goes.

With regard to encryption on many devices (including new iOS devices), the frequently-repeated statement that it would take 5-1/2 years to break the encryption is very simple and understandable and wrong.

The 5-1/2 year number comes from the amount of time it would take to try every combination of 6 alphanumeric characters including upper- and lower-case characters as well as numbers.

So far so good.


Update Your Website -- WAMC Roundtable Sept. 23, 2014 11:30 AM

Lots of small businesses and nonprofits are looking at their websites -- some of them are getting on for being 20 years old. Here Jesse's list of 10 things to look at:

US Digital Services Playbook

The U.S. DIgital Service [USDS] was launched inside Office of Management and Budget (OMB). They released their Digital Services Playbook on August 11, 2014. FInd the Playbook here.


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