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Cybersecurity on The Roundtable on WAMC Tuesday Feb. 17, 2015

Join Jesse and Joe as they talk about what's new in Cybersecurity on The Roundtable, Tuesday February 17, 2015 at 11:10 AM. It's time to update our previous chats as more and more people are weighing in on the problems and opportunities of our new digital world (people like President Obama and Tim Cook, CEO of Apple as well as a number of other people and organizations -- see the links later in this blog).

Data Breach Response Guide from Experian

Prevention is best, but even after a hack, there are concrete steps to take. Here's guidance from Experian.

President Obama at the FTC January 12, 2015

Perhaps the most important quote:

If we're going to be connected, then we need to be protected.

Four major action points:

Consumer Action Handbook from GSA

Includes some digital issues. 

Read the handbook here.


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