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Personal Privacy on Facebook and Twitter: WAMC Roundtable 11:30 AM Nov. 20, 2012

Join us on The Roundtable as we talk about privacy settings and how you can manage the degree of privacy you want on social media. In light of recent news headlines about the visibility of personal information online, it seems a good time to review this topic and discuss recent happenings.


see this Washington Post article. 

Facebook Privacy Settings

Facebook's privacy settings may have changed since the last time you looked. They're worth revising.

The in-line privacy selector for posts (Public/Friends/Custom) is sticky in the posts. On the privacy settings page, you can set a new default. Not that the in-line privacy selector is not supported on out-of-date mobile Facebook apps.

Slate on Facebook Couples Pages

"You can't opt out, but you shouldn't care."

Here's the full article.

Twitter Hashtags for the Storm and Politics

Live and subject to the usual caveats about taste and spontaneity.





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