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Visa's Plan to Devalue Stolen Credit Card Numbers

President Obama's Speech at Stanford on February 13, 2015

Read the speech here. One of the key points:

So our connectivity brings extraordinary benefits to our daily lives, but it also brings risks.  And when companies get hacked, Americans’ personal information, including their financial information, gets stolen.  Identity theft can ruin your credit rating and turn your life upside down.  In recent breaches, more than 100 million Americans had their personal data compromised, including, in some cases, credit card information.  We want our children to go online and explore the world, but we also want them to be safe and not have their privacy violated.  So this is a direct threat to the economic security of American families, not just the economy overall, and to the wellbeing of our children, which means we’ve got to put in place mechanisms to protect them.

iPhone Sales in China Exceed Those in US According to Media Speculation in Advance of Quarterly Earnings Call 1/27/2015(

Ahead of Apple's first quarter earnings call (tomorrow, January 27, 2012) the web is abuzz with predictions and comments on the yet-known numbers. The Financial Times reports:


10 Ways to Avoid Getting Hacked (maybe)

Jesse joins Joe Donahue at The Roundtable on Tuesday, January 20, 2012 at 11:30 am on WAMC  to discuss ways to maybe (maybe not) avoid being hacked. Here's the list of items we'll talk about. Are these best practices? False hopes? Better? Worse? Find out Tuesday at 11:30 AM.

Martha Stewart Is Here -- A Major Milestone for 3D Printing

You can order Martha Stewart's new MakerBot PLA Filament colors here.

Doesn't Martha Stewart's arrival in the world of makers and 3D printing/replicating mean something? (Not quite certain what, but I'm pretty certain it means something.)


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