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Intimate Objects on WAMC Roundtable May 21, 2013 11:30 AM

Jesse and Joe will talk about intimate objects on The Roundtable. (No, not those intimate objects.)

Postponed from April 16, 2013.

Nest and Why Men and Women Perceive Temperature Differently

There actually does seem to be some logical reason why women often feel cold and men often feel warm at the same temperature. A scientific explanation from Nest.

Nike+ FuelBand integrates the devices and social media. Find the Nike+ FuelBand on the Apple Store here.

WiFi Body Scale by Withings

Integrated with iOS devices that can record your weight and body mass. Find it in the Apple Store here.

Business Week Article about Bill Campbell and Intimate Objects

In a talk at Intuit, Chairman Bill Campbell and Intuit CEO Brad Smith talked about possible futures of technology. Campbell brought up intimate objects and the phrase was picked up in various places including Ashlee Vance in Bloomberg BusinessWeek.

Google Glass

Google Glass (details here) brings together basics of smartphone technologies (lookups, searches, shooting videos and photos, and geolocation) to project information on glasses. 


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