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Jesse's New Books: iPad For Seniors For Dummies

Jesse has revised the Ninth Edition of iPad For Seniors for Dummies to encompass the new features of iPads and iOS 10.

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Roundtable WAMC Tuesday 1/17/2017 11:30 AM

Joe and Jesse talk about Jesse's latest book -- iPad for Seniors for Dummies -- just out from Wiley.

Some of the topics we might talk about are:


  • What are seniors? Why a book for seniors? (2 kinds — technophobes/newbies and experienced tech users from desktops and mainframes who are adjusting to mobile, messaging, etc.)
  • How many iPad models are there and way
  • What about news reports that tablets are dead?
  • What’s next in tech? Is it worth learning iPad or should we wait for….?????
  • The book is relative to iOS 10 (released last fall). What does it have to offer?
  • How do you get used to the Apple Pencil?


The book is available now from your local bookseller or online as an iBook on iTunes or Amazon on Kindle or print.

Apps to The Forefront of Innovation

Hayley Tsukayama in the Washington Post writes about The Big Takeaway for Gadget Nerds in 2016".

much of the innovation in the technology world of late has been in software — the thing about apps, streaming music and streaming video is that they manage to revolutionize devices that we already have. 


Learning to Code -- formally and by volunteering for good

Join Joe Donahue and Jesse on WAMC's The Roundtable on Tuesday, December 20, 2016 at 11 AM as we talk about ways to learn (and teach) coding in courses, self-help projects, volunteering on hackathons and data science projects, and the other ways people learn about modern technology. 

We'll look at the 2016 Congressional App Challenge to see what students across the country are doing ...and what will happen next.

Visit the Congressional App Challenge website.


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